The medium of instruction at Him Jyoti is English.

The school is affiliated to the CBSE Board and follows the curriculum prescribed by the Board for Classes V to XII. The teaching and learning of English form an important part of the curriculum in the first year.

Co-curricular activities (additional one hour for clubs)

• Dramatics/Theatre

• Gardening/Environment

• Dance/Music

• Art/Home Craft

• Editorial Club

• Pottery


As most of the students come from Government schools and have had little or no exposure to English, the major thrust in the first few years is the teaching and learning of English.

English is taught as a foreign language, with emphasis on spoken skills and maximum use of audio-visual aids and a high-tech language lab set up for the purpose.

The teaching of a foreign language must necessarily follow the natural order of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and this is the method followed at Him Jyoti.

Many innovative programmes have been tried and found to be most effective in raising the level of academic achievement of every child.

Some of these are:
• Pull Out Programme in Maths, English and Hindi (POP)
• Remedial learning Programme (RLP)
• English Language Improvement Programme (ELIP)

At Him Jyoti, every child is important.

Our focus is EVERY child and our efforts are concentrated on ensuring that there is a gradual but definite improvement in the level of every child’s achievement.

Beyond Academics



We have talented and committed staff, who train the girls in:

Music, Instrumental and Vocal Theatre/Dramatics
Classical and Modern Dance Computer Programming/Editorial (Emission)
Cookery/Home Craft Pottery
Co-curricular activities