A state of the Art free boarding school for girls from economically weaker section of the society.

Welcome To Him Jyoti School

While serving as Governor in Uttarakhand Rtn. Sudarshan Agarwal set up a Boarding School for bright girls from impoverished families of Uttarakhand which is totally free for these girls for their education, food, uniforms, toiletries, hostel stay and all other needs. It costs Rs.75,000/- per year to support each girl in the Boarding School.

The School, The Hostel building and eight flats for teachers, covering 80,000 sq. ft. are built on a ten acre plot of land. It is amongst the finest school buildings in the schooling capital of the country. This bold experiment – a free boarding school – is supported by compassionate, caring and socially sensitive individuals and Corporates by contributions to the corpus and also by adopting girls till they finish their schooling under the 10+2 CBSE curriculum.
Currently there are 280 girls in classes V to XII in a school designed for 280 girls (35 in each of the 8 classes). Him Jyoti School is not just a school but a training ground for life

Message of Condolence by The President
Dear All,
We are extremely aggrieved at the sad passing away of our mentor Sh. Sudarshan Agarwal ji. He was not only the Mentor but the builder of the outstanding Institution of Him Jyoti and we are all proud of it. His passing away is not only shocking for us but to all those who came in his touch, all teachers, staff and girls of Him Jyoti School.
The institution that he established not only it should continue but it should flourish to keep his memory alive and going. Now this great task has fallen on all of us and we all have to work hard not only for running this Institution but take it to the greatest heights.
In this endeavor I seek your help and support. We will be holding a meeting soon depending on everyone’s convenience and decide on future course of action and plans at the earliest.
All of our hearts go to Mrs. Agarwal to his son Rajiv, daughter Ritu and all relations of Sh. Agarwal ji. He was a real “Karam Yogi” and will be remembered forever.

Shri K N Memani
Himalayan School Society


The  School  Academic

Our Vision
The vision of the Himalayan School Society is to develop the Him Jyoti School as a residential learning centre to provide free value based quality academic and co-curricular education to bright and promising girls from the under privileged sections of society.
Our Mission
To put in place adequate systems for health-care and hygiene, value based education through “LEARNING by DOING” as part of the Student Management Committees (SMCs), e learning for “Life Long Learning”, Hobby Centre.
Life of Him Jyoti
The girls follow a tight schedule from yoga in the morning, classes, hobbies and games in the evening, followed by prep, the news headlines on T.V. meditation and to bed. Yet, despite a busy schedule, the girls get sufficient time and opportunities for recreation, especially over the weekends..
Him Jyoti School was felicitated as the 9th Best Girls’ Residential School, in Jury’s Choice Award 2016-17, by the magazine Education Today.

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