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While serving as Governor in Uttarakhand Rtn. Sudarshan Agarwal set up a Boarding School for bright girls from impoverished families of Uttarakhand which is totally free for these girls for their education, food, uniforms, toiletries, hostel stay and all other needs. It costs Rs.75,000/- per year to support each girl in the Boarding School. The School, Hostel building and eight flats for teachers, covering 80,000 sq. ft. are built on a ten acre plot of land. It is amongst the finest school buildings in the schooling capital of the country. This bold experiment – a free boarding school – is supported by compassionate, caring and socially sensitive individuals and Corporates by contributions to the corpus and also by adopting girls till they finish their schooling under the 10+2 CBSE curriculum. Currently there are 280 girls in classes V to XII in a school designed for 280 girls (35 in each of the 8 classes).

Him Jyoti School is not just a school but a training ground for life. The girls handpicked from disadvantaged families from each District of Uttarakhand, based on a competitive entrance examination are getting an opportunity to learn the foremost values of love, trust and truth. Him Jyoti’s vision is to nurture the learners to be pluralistic, creative, interdependent and capable citizens with a global outlook. .

It is pertinent to note that these girls are daughters of a dhobi, an ayah, a tailor, a driver, a farm labourer, a book binder, a rickshaw puller, a school teacher, an office peon and the like. We are confident that they will grow up to make a difference not only in their own lives and the lives of their families and their villages, but will serve the state and the nation in positions of responsibility.

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